Long Time No See

So yeah, was quite a while last time I wrote something here, there's been a lot of things going on. Going to L.A and Coachella in 10 days which is fantastic, getting kind of impatient - I just wanna go now! The past weeks that I haven't been bloging I've attended two concerts which both have been great. I first saw The Tallest Man On Earth in Copenhagen at a small cozy venue and after that I saw Shout Out Louds yesterday at the smaller part of Vega in Copenhagen aswell.

Right now I've got a pretty long spring/easter break that really isn't needed for the time being, I've got loads of school assignments that need to be done that I'm too lazy to start without help from teachers, hoping it'll sort out before graduation. I've spent most of the days chillaxing, being with Emma and listening to music/playing some old playstation games, a very nice mix in general I'd say.

This evening I've mostly listened to new music that I've found at this great blog called nodata.tv, it covers music from the present day to atleast 2 years back. Getting to 2008 took me over 2 hours so there's quiiiiite alot to go through so check it out if you're in need of indie/electro/alt!

Gonna be ending this post here, I'll try to get back on track with this from now on!

Two videos from the concerts;

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