When I Met You

This weekend was fun, apart from some things friday night. Yesterday we attended a cozier get-together at Simons place with mustache theme, it was fun even though we couldn't stay that long. We arrived at his place around 9 and had to go at 11 where we met elno on the way back, nice evening in general.

Today I've just been chillaxing with Emma, watched some series on the computer and listened to music. Time for some pictures from the parties!



could have been better. I'm way too picky about music  at parties and if it's shit music all the night I sort of lose interest in partying. Enough about that though, now I'm mainly wondering what this armchair is doing infront of my door?

The Wild Hunt

I'm totally in love with this album, (and Emma) words really can't describe it. The closest thing I can compare it to is like remembering a really nostalgic moment that gives you goosebumps of pleasure. I recommend downloading it (click the picture!) right now.

Part Of The Weekend Never Dies


Flash Delirium


weekend pics inc!





photo b00th

Music I'd like to share

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